By the community. For the community.

About the Summit

This Summit is to bring together all tech user groups on the island. It's about a full day of presentations by user groups, totally planned and managed by each individual user group.

It is organized by the community for the community.

MSCC Summit 2021 will take place on the 27th March at the Middlesex University in Pierrefonds.


Room 1
Room 2
9:00 - 9:30 Opening Ceremony -
9:30 - 10:30 - -
10:30 - 11:00 What is DSC?
by DSC University of Mauritius
Speakers: Kaneez Fatima Jowaheer & Mohammah Mujaahid Khodadin
Vite 2.0
by Vue.JS Mauritius
Speaker: Sandeep Ramgolam
11:00 - 11:30 Your programming language is great, Python is greater!
by Pymug
Speaker: Josiah Nyangaga
Basics of Kubernetes
by Kubernetes User Group Mauritius
Speaker: Chittesh Sham
11:30 - 12:00 GophersMU Getting started with Azure Function
Speakers: Dhanesh Purdaseea & Pritee Dabeea
12:00 - 12:30 Open discussions of modern Front-end tech
by Front-end Coders
Speaker: Sandeep Ramgolam
Introduction of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Programme
Speakers: Girish Mahabir & Ouwesh Seeroo
12:30 - 13:00 Group Photo Session
13:00 - 13:30 Showcasing the simplicity of flutter development
by DSC Middlesex Mauritius
Speaker: Nurmaan Ramoly
Symfony, le framework à connaître
Speakers: Siven Sadien & Valery Ambroise
13:30 - 14:00 An overview of the openSUSE Project (not just the Linux distro)
by openSUSE Mauritius
Speaker: Ish Sookun
Drupal, LE CMS
by DrupalMauritius
Speaker: Vanessa V.Chellen
14:00 - 14:30 Linux for Human Beings
by Ubuntu Mauritius
Speaker: Chittesh Sham
The Essence of the Mauritius Maker Community
Speakers: Yovan Fowdar & Pritvi Jheengut
14:30 - 15:00 What Hack Club is and what is our goal?
by Hack Club Mauritius
Speaker: Nathan Mangar
Cost Optimization on AWS with a serverless approach
by AWS User Group
Speaker: Soodeshna Bappoo
15:00 - 15:30 How to start your Blockchain/Bitcoin journey?
by Blockchain Mauritius
Speaker: Suyash Sumaroo
Linux User Group of Mauritius
Speaker: Pritvi Jheengut
15:30 - 16:00 Domain Modelling in Kotlin
Speaker: Liyeuk Reynald
16:00 - 16:30 Closing Ceremony -

User Groups

Blockchain Mauritius

Blockchain Mauritius is a community of blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to learn about various aspects of blockchain technology, including learning about disruptive technology as well as taking the first steps in owning Bitcoin.


Créé en 2015, DrupalMauritius souhaite promouvoir le CMS Drupal à Maurice. Le groupe organise des workshops Drupal pour vulgariser la techno et aider les jeunes à monter en compétences sur le sujet.

Front-end Coders

Front-end is a fast-evolving sphere with a lot of updates happening quickly. We attempt to provide a stage for people to share and learn about front-end technologies.

Gophers MU

We are gophers (Go developers) from the paradise island of Mauritius Our fellowship is a new one, initiated with developers who fell in love with Go and have used it professionally. We look forward to sharing our experience with more people; hoping we can make friends to learn and laugh along the way.

Hack Club Mauritius

An international coding club for high schoolers and university students.

Kubernetes User Group Mauritius

We are a Mauritius based kubernetes community of users, contributors in the open-source project, we advocate for it's adoption and innovation.

Linux User Group of Mauritius

The Linux User of Mauritius or as commonly called LUGM, is perhaps the oldest user group of the island. It re-groups Linux users from different corners of the island. Their main activities are organising Linux installation festivals and helping users with common *nix troubleshooting. LUGM members often speak at local events about open source software.

Mauritius Maker Community

This group is meant to facilitate discussions for the Maker Community in Mauritius. The Mauritius Maker community is a group of enthusiasts and passionate Makers, Hackers, Artists, Hardware Developers, Inventors, Designers and Tinkerers geared primarily toward sustainable development, emerging technologies and technological innovation such as Electronics, Open Source Hardware, Internet Of Things, Robotics, 3D Printing, Embedded Software, Hardware, Arduino, Small Board Computers, SBC like the Raspbery PI, Printed Circuit Board design, DIY, Wood Work, Metal Work, Computer Aided Designing, Wearables(can be extended to Cosplayers).

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Microsoft Student Learn Ambassadors is a Global community of enthusiasts that loves to share and learn new IT stuffs. We bring together our peers to learn new skills and solve real world problems across the globe. We do get direct support from the Microsoft employees known as mentors and program managers and also gets us equipped with leadership and communication skills. Most of the technology is Microsoft but we are free to learn and share knowledge on anything that we think would help us our peers get better.

NUGM - .Net User Group Mauritius

This is a User Group for and by developers specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies, no matter your years of experience or your level. The aim is to meet once per month, have great talks/demos/network building and share our passion about .NET, C#, Azure, .NET Core revolving around development technology.

openSUSE Mauritius

The openSUSE Project is a community driven program sponsored by SUSE and other companies. It has contributors around the world with a community stronghold in Europe, Latin America & Asia. openSUSE Mauritius aims to provide the community support for openSUSE & related projects on the island.

Pymug - Python Mauritius User Group

Local Python user group acknowledged by the Python Software Foundation and FlaskCon initiator. We organise events year round, ranging from meetups, topic days, from scratch sessions as well as university sessions.


Créé en 2014, SymfonyMu regroupe les initiatives de Symfony à Maurice. Le groupe organise ponctuellement des workshops initiatiques et des sfPot pour discuter autour de la technologie symfony. On est toujours à l’écoute de nouveaux adhérents pour agrandir la communauté de Symfony à Maurice.

Ubuntu Mauritius

A local user group for representing the linux distro “Ubuntu” our community is united in our use of Free/Libre/Open Source Softwares and support of Software Freedom in general and the GNU/Linux in particular.

VueJS Mauritius

A group of VueJS enthusiasts in Mauritius.

Developer Student Club - African Leadership University

Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. We organize workshops, technical sessions, competitions involving google technologies.

Developer Student Group - University of Mauritius

Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. We organize workshops, technical sessions, competitions involving google technologies.

Developer Student Club - Middlesex University

Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. We organize workshops, technical sessions, competitions involving google technologies.